Working in Groups

Group work can present unique challenges and opportunities in online courses.

Image by Sean MacEntee

Group Work Tips

1. Communicate with your group. Once your group has been established, reach out and begin discussing the goals of the project. Spend some time learning about the members of your group. You may be able to split the work in a way that plays to each member's strengths. For example, imagine you must create a business plan, and you have a salesman, a retail store manager, someone who has a background in marketing and another person who is an excellent writer in your group. It might make sense for everyone to work on a piece of the project that they have expertise in, and for the writer to polish up the project before handing it in.

2. Create a plan of action. Work together to determine who will work on which aspects of the project. Set up checkpoints along the way so that everyone is kept accountable for their work. Checkpoints also make it easier to recognize if a group member is not participating fully.

3. Follow through and follow up. Be sure to complete your work on time for each checkpoint, including the final version of your work that will be handed in. If a member of your team does not complete their work, reach out to them for a status update.