Technical Support

barretr-Lifesaver.pngUMass Dartmouth offers several different avenues of technical support for online students. If your computer isn't acting the way you expect, you may need to run updates or download software.

Have questions about myCourses? Visit the myCourses Help page.

IT Service Center

If you have technical questions about your computer or software you have installed, you can reach the IT Service Center at 508-999-8790
during normal business hours. (Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.EST).

24/7 Support

24/7 technical assistance is available for students at

Common Support Requests

Plug-in Required

There are a wide variety of plug-ins available to enhance your online experience from audio and video players to all types of software applications. If your course content incorporates multimedia or requires that you view slide shows or read pdf files, a plug-in allows the content to be opened from your browser. Below are some common plug-ins:

Content Blocked

Are you trying to watch, listen to or create some kind of media, but the screen is blank? Your browser is likely blocking the content.

Internet browsers are now automatically blocking Mixed Active Content. This is a security enhancement that prevents Active Content delivered through an unsecured (HTTP) connection from displaying on a secure (HTTPS) website. Malicious Active Content has the potential to change a secure page, allowing an attacker to capture sensitive information sent to and from a user’s computer. Blocking active content prevents this type of attack.

To temporarily allow mixed content during the time spent within your Blackboard Learn course site, you need to explicitly allow the content to load, otherwise you get a blank area where you expect content to appear. Know that you can permanently disable the blocking of mixed content, however, this decision is up to you as it may put your computer at risk. Visit this link for browser-specific instructions.

Help with Publisher Content

Many textbook publishers offer online content such as lessons, quizzes and tests that are tied directly to the content of your textbook. This content is referred to as “Publisher Content.” If your instructor chooses to use publisher content in your course, they will give you specific instructions on where and how to purchase an access code as well as how to find and interact with the content online. In most cases, your instructor will include this information in the myCourses website for your class.
  • If you have specific questions or concerns about publisher content, it is recommended that you reach out to your instructor directly. If you need technical support, please visit this link to access contact information for the most commonly used publishers on campus.

If you need help with specific software, contact the manufacturer.